Tostan is a non-profit organization headquartered in Senegal that works directly with rural communities towards leading in their own development.

WaNgui is proud to be an advocate for Tostan, an African-based organization that works directly with communities to lead their own development. We are passionate about the work Tostan is doing to empower people, across West Africa, and will strive to spread awareness worldwide of their inspiring accomplishments and stories of real change.   For more on what this group has already accomplished please, click here

Tostan's program centers around a holistic, respectful, human rights-based Community Empowerment Program (CEP). Tostan trained facilitators only come to a village if they are invited, and they are of the same ethnic group and speak the same language as the village members.

CEP participants- mostly women and girls who have not had access to formal school - learn about their human rights, democracy, health, project-management, literacy, and much more. Tostan helps each community to establish committees in charge of development projects so that there is local leadership and projects can sustain themselves long after the program is finished. 

One of the issues Tostan is most known for is the growing movement to end Female Genital Cutting (FGC) and other forms of violence against women and girls. Over 7,000 communities to date from Djibouti, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Mauritania, Senegal, Somalia, and The Gambia have publicly declared their decision to abandon both FGC and child/forced marriage after participating in the CEP.

In my years in Senegal, I have been around many development workers from the Peace Corps, USAID, Red Cross, CRS, the UN and more. Judging from the things I have learned from all them I believe that Tostan is the most successful at affecting immediate generational change, with their “from the people, to the people” method of education.
— WaNgui Director, Anna Guewel

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WANGUI is proud to fiscally sponsor the TUPA project. An audiovisual short film dedicated to raising awareness and inspiring creative solutions for the current ecological crisis of the Amazon. A film celebrating technology as a solution and not a problem.

Created in collaboration with the Huin Kuin tribe of Brazil, TUPA is a visually stunning neo- mythic media experience inspired by the folklore of the Huin Kuin. This film explores the interconnection between the technologies of nature and man and the development of AI consciousness.

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