WaNgui welcomes you on a unique journey, away from the world you know, to the streets of Dakar, Senegal, where Sabar lives. 

By melding traditional Sabar, body percussion, Djembe dance and theater, WaNgui keeps themselves at the forefront of the Senegalese dance community by adding a contemporary twist that creates the WaNgui style.

Manifested in 2013 by women's rights activist and dancer, Anna Clark, the WaNgui dance company blends traditional and urban influences from Senegal and the Americas, fusing elements of Sabar, Hip Hop and Body Percussion. WaNgui provides a platform for Senegalese 'Guewel' artists (meaning born from families who have carried down the traditional dances of Senegal for centuries) to spread awareness and support human rights through the arts. WaNgui's artists are internationally recognized, dancing alongside major Senegalese artists such as Youssou Ndour, Vivian, Titi, Adi Ouza and Wally Seck.